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Bond Street Travel has instituted a new “service fee” program.  Our goal is to align the services requested by clients with the amount of work involved and the earned income stream (or lack thereof) from the various vendors involved. The aim is to be fair to our clients and to ourselves. 


Ticketing/Booking/Packaging Fees
These fees will be calculated on a per invoice basis. Whenever we have to charge a credit card an invoice has to be issued – and a service fee is incurred.
(As a note of explanation, for example, if four people are travelling with the same dates and are using one credit card, a fee of $ 50.00 will apply for the whole booking. If they each use a different credit card, we have to issue four invoices, so there will be four fees of $ 50.00.)

The fees are:   International Travel  -  $ 75.00  Domestic Travel  -  $ 50.00

Changes that require re-ticketing -  $ 25.00

Travel Planning Fees
Planning fee when tickets and land are purchased from us - NO CHARGE.
Planning fee when tickets are not purchased through us - $ 250.00 per week of travel.

Award Travel**
As a courtesy, we will help clients redeem their miles for award travel.

If a client uses our services to set up award travel, this is NOT considered a purchase of a ticket and trip planning fees will apply.

$ 250.00 per person for regular mileage redemptions (plus trip planning fees).
$ 500.00 per person for complicated mileage redemptions requiring us to assist with setting up frequent flyer accounts, moving miles etc. (plus trip planning fees).
$ 500.00 per person for mileage redemptions when no land arrangements are booked through us.

Concierge Fees
Concierge fees cover all of the additional items beyond the trip planning process, as follows:
Transfers, sightseeing, guides, dinner reservations, special service requests, theater tickets etc. -
$ 100.00 per week of travel.

Miscellaneous Fees
We can provide a number of travel-related services that go above and beyond individual trip planning. We can quote consulting fees and costs on an ad hoc basic.
Please note that fees are non-refundable, even if you cancel a trip.
**This service is reserved for regular clients who have earned a reasonable portion of their mileage through purchases from our agency.