Bond Street Travel
a member of the Tzell Travel Group
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To plan trips that are special, unique and extraordinary travel experiences.

To use our staff’s extensive world wide first hand destination knowledge (to almost 110 countries and counting) to make each trip both “right” and memorable, in those ways that can only be done by people who have been there. And in those few cases where we haven’t been there, know the right people to contact who have been there.

To pull upon our staff’s long term travel industry experience (average over 15 years) to plan out accurately and effectively all aspects of each trip.

To use technology to assist in, and maximize the value of what we do, without becomes obtrusive or detrimental; to maximize the advantages of technology. To answer our phones without a push 8 for…..

To use our extensive top level industry contacts around the world to accomplish what other agents can’t.

To deal with our clients in a welcoming, open manner to have them enjoy calling our company .

To be valued by our clients as trustworthy and reliable resources to call upon.

To continue to build our business they way we have done in the past, completely by referrals from our existing clients.